Über Anke Recktenwald

Author "Besser reiten mit Feldenkrais"

Besser reiten mit Feldenkrais Anke Recktenwald

Feldenkraispädagoge GL
Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 3
Centered Riding Instructorin Level II
TTouch for you Practitioner 2
Heartmath Therapi
Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin (FN Plakette)

Anke Recktenwald was born in april 1966 and her great passion about horses began with the age of six. She mounted every horse from pony to thoroughbred. Already in the beginning Anke was successful in competition. Her deep passion about arabian horses met in 1988 the black asil pure bred arabian stallion Tulun (Gharib/Hamasa Thulaya). Anke was training her stallions successful based on the first published Tellington TTouch book.

Her professional carrier started in 1993. As a skilled equine manager (raising & breeding) she build up the arabian stud farm “Al Thawi” in cooperation with Tatiana Peter. Training and education of all horse breeds was her favorite duties. Also she liked the training and presenting of their brood mares and stallions in competition classes. Her talent for difficult horses brought her consistently horses which were declared as unrideable and were trained by various trainers. She gathered a great amount of luck by regaining their confidence and helping them to become well-understood and loved riding horses for others.

During that period she completed her training as a certified Tellington TTouch and Centered Riding Instructor. Her special passion for the endurance riding discipline grow.

All-round service for 45-60 horses which includes training, breeding, riding lessons, hoof care and managing courses were her lifetime task and joy. In 1999 Anke Recktenwald was meanwhile awarded as a master of horse management (FN) as a severe diskal prolapse terminated her main activity.

So she started her own buissnes as Teacher for the methods of Sally Swift and Linda Tellington Jones. This diskal prolapse and related movement restrictions were the door opener for her way into the Feldenkrais working. After a successful completed 4 year training she returned as a agile and moveable Feldenkrais Practitioner, horse trainer and equestrian. 2004 as Peggy Cummings for the first time taught in Germany Anke was convinced of the methods of Peggy Cummings. Therefore she joined the training to become a professional connected riding teacher. Anke is one of the first six connected riding teachers trained in Germany.

Based on this wonderful training combination she teaches clinics in Germany, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Spian, Malta and Italy. She also assists Linda Tellington Jones in many different countries f.e. Hawaii, where Anke spends up to six weeks in winter time in Lindas house.

Accompanying Linda Tellington Jones Anke work in stables of olympic rider Ingrid Klimke, Klaus Balkenhohl in Germany and for A.N.T.A.C: Italy. She worked with their wonderful equine athlets or other special sport horses of friends. Since that time Ingrid Klimke is a great fan of neck ring riding and enjoys bareback riding with her olympic winner horse Abraxxas.

Anke is supporting Linda Tellington Jones at her public events such as the international equine trade fair Equitana in Essen, events in Italy and Slovenia and presentations for the XENOPHON - Society for the Culture of Classical Riding. It was a special pleasure to collaborate on the recent books from Linda Tellington Jones such as “Dressage with body mind and soul” and “ Pferde ausbilden mit der Tellington Methode”.

Anke is a member of the editorial board of the Tellington newsletter and a permanent contact person for equine publications and periodicals. Her own enthusiasm in writing articles and feeling the necessity has inspired her to wrote her own book “Besser reiten mit der Feldenkraismethode. The great reviews f.e. on amazon speaks for themselves.

Anke is teaching several parts in different training domains of equine therapy She focuses the support and health of the therapy horses as well as providing  good teaching material for her students. The magazine “Mein Pferd” conducts a survey to find the fiftieth best riding teacher in Germany – Anke Recktenwald is own of them.