Tellington TTouch®

Tellington TTouch® Training for horses

  •           is a gentle, respectful Method of training
  •           honoring the body, mind and spirit
  •           of animals and their people.


Tellington TTouch® Training enhances





& deepens the connection between animals & their people.


It is comprised of five components:

  • •Body work called Tellington TTouch®
  • •Ground exercises called The Playground for Higher Learning
  • •Tellington TTouch® Training Equipment
  • •Envisioning how we want our animals to be with an Attitude of Gratitude
  • *Tellington TTouch Philosophy

Tellington TTouch takes animals beyond instinctive reaction and helps them adapt to new situations.


The intent of the Tellington Method is to Enhance cellular function and communication, sending to the cells the message,                    

 "Remember Your Perfection"
(from Linda Tellington Jones)