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Besser reiten mit Feldenkrais

Besser Reiten mit Feldenkraisclick on the picture to see or buy the book

Recomandation from Linda Tellington-Jones:

I have the honor of reading and commenting on many wonderful horse books written by students, colleagues,and friends and I must say that this book is among the most informative and beautiful I've yet read. I love the fact that there is such a variety of breeds and disciplines photographed in many situations. The Feldenkrais Method as Anke applies it to equestrian art will open new doors for riders to discover their own potential and brilliance for connecting to their horses in ways they have never dreamed. The models Anke has chosen are inspiring as well as delightful. I congratulate Anke, Kosmos Verlag and Gudrun Braun for the redaktion. Moshe Feldenkrais would be very proud, and I am proud that Anke is one of the brilliant teachers of the Tellington Method.
Linda Tellington-Jones