Discover the magic between you and your horse
Connection - Trust - Performance

That's Anke Recktenwald's method.
Anke chooses the most appropriate tools from her wealth of experience and learning to teach her course participants and clients. Honouring the sources she draws from is important to her. It is thanks to those sources that Anke was able to create her holistic method which she offers in her 'discover the magic between you and your horse' courses and some individual lessons throughout Europe.

Discover the Magic between you and your horse

This site is a treasure trove for all horse lovers who share Anke Recktenwald's ideas: "You must be the change you wish to see". Anke is the author of the acclaimed book "Besser reiten mit Feldenkrais". She teaches the Tellington TTOUCH method and is a Centered Riding  instructor and master of horse management with FN honours, Anke teaches to connect with the horse with all your senses.

"Discover your options – discover your potential!” A.R.
Anke uses her expertise to teach course participants with joy, fun, awareness and respect to lovingly relate to themselves and the animal in order for them to really 'see' the other.

Her methods improve self-control, perception and confidence in both rider and horse and strengthen the awareness for movement and behaviour so that the desired goal can be achieved together.

Anke Recktenwald offers courses in Europe for horse friends of all disciplines. She chooses the best from her box of tools to fit each client



Tellington TTouch:

a gentle way to build a trusting relationship with your horse, to have fun from the ground and in the saddle, to learn to listen to the voice of your horse and to discover the magic of a TTouch

Centered Riding:

the easy way to explore how to do what you want to achieve in the saddle

the Feldenkrais method:

awareness through movement discover your unconscious habits and explore more possibilities in your life and movements



  • support the individual process of learning of both rider and horse
  • replace dominance in horse training with understanding
  • improve perception and awareness to increase your movement options
  • connect with the horse with body and mind
  • synchronise with the movements and dance with the horse

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